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We are always delighted to supply books to schools and colleges. Click the button below, send us a list of titles and quantities, and we’ll put together a quote. We’ll work with suppliers and publishers to stretch your budget as far as we can.

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We encourage our customers to support schools near and far through a donation programme.

How it works

  • You create an account for your school and add books to your wish list.
  • Let us know you’ve signed up (schools@book-ish.co.uk) so we can add you to the donation page!
  • We take donations in multiples of £1 through our online shop.
  • At the end of each quarter we add up the donations and send you books to that value, chosen from your wish list.

Books For Schools Donation


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diversify your library




Mental Health

CH Non Fiction

You Are A Champion


CH Board Books

All About Feelings


CH Non Fiction

No Such Thing As Normal


Ch Pre School

Ruby’s Worry


Environmental Issues

Personal Growth

CH Non Fiction

Be Your Own Superhero


CH Non Fiction

Yoga For Kids


CH Activity Books

YOU CAN Take Amazing Photos


CH Activity Books

YOU CAN Get Active


CH Activity Books

YOU CAN Cook Tasty Food


CH Non Fiction

Social Media and You


Wales and Welsh Authors


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