My Farming Life


On New Year’s Day 2012, Emma Gray’s long-term boyfriend broke off their relationship, leaving her heartbroken – and bewildered. But that was just the first setback the year was to offer: it was followed by the tragic death of her beloved old collie, Bill, and then a serious accident – breaking her back when her quad bike overturned. Her isolated existence – four miles from the road and the nearest neighbour – no longer looked such a good or sensible idea. The question on everyone’s lips – could the woman dubbed ‘Britain’s loneliest shepherdess’ ever find lasting love? This book tells the story of how Emma picks herself up from these setbacks to become one of the country’s most successful breeders and trainers of Border Collies, and how Emma – surprising herself as well as her friends and family – finds love and lasting happiness where she least expects it.

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