A Mind of Its Own


Nearly a year has passed since Tim, Dee and Phil the finger monkey defeated Wilde Industries and burned down the Imagination Space. But since then, it’s become clear that there’s something wrong with Tim. His imagination seems limitless – anything he imagines immediately appears in front of him, with no need for the imagination box. Which has good and bad consequences. Then something truly awful happens. One day, Tim wakes up and realises that he’s in his old orphanage. No one, not even Dee, knows who he is. He is completely alone – his worst nightmare. But he quickly realises who is behind it. His old enemy, Clarice Crowfield, has hijacked the power of the imagination box – and created a world where she is in charge! Tim must find Professor Eisenstone, convince Dee that they are in fact best friends (and, of course, recreate Phil) – and literally put their world to rights.

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