Great British Sweets


Spangles or Sweethearts? Black Jacks or Fruit Cocktail? Marathon or Mars Bar? For most of us, the sweets of our childhood are mouth-wateringly evocative. The mere mention of an old favourite results in a fevered rush of nostalgia, throwing some of us back to endless summers, Chopper bikes, spacehoppers, grazed knees, first sticky kisses and the joy of spending your own pocket money. This book is a gloriously indulgent celebration of our Great British love affair with sweet-making and good old-fashioned confectionery. From pear drops to humbugs, honeycomb confections to liquorice, coconut ice to sugar mice, Nozedar gives us the rich history of these classic sweets along with over 50 easy-to-follow recipes for how to make them at home.

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