Writing Courses with Becca Leathlean

Becca has been writing professionally since 1987, initially freelancing for publications such as City Limits, Good Housekeeping, The Independent and a variety of women’s magazines such as 19 and Best. She concentrated on social issues, especially criminal justice, and also the arts with a social/political connection.

After forays into film-making and criminology, she returned to writing in 2006 and has since written fiction, memoir and other types of life writing. She’s currently working on an exploration of life without a family and, as a lifetime music lover, has recently started out as a reggae DJ. Her creative work has been published in Hoovering the Roof Volumes 1 & 2, and, more recently on Advantages of Age.

Becca is a qualified language teacher and started teaching creative writing during lockdown, delivering classes on Zoom to students in four countries.

We’re delighted to collaborate with Becca in bringing you her second wave of creative writing classes.

Course 1, Approaches to Creative Writing, is all about flexing your creative muscles. You’ll lose yourself within the realms of fantasy and transformation, using imagery, your senses and nature to find inspiration.

Course 2, Developing Characters and Writing Fiction, will hone your narrative voice, characterisation and dialogue.

Course 3, Writing Stories, covers theme, plot, pace, tension, structure and getting published.

Each course stands alone, and at the end of each you will have developed your writing and have a piece you’re proud of, plus some ideas about where to submit your work for publication. If you do all three courses you will develop your own distinct writing style and we’ll look more closely into how you can get your work into print.

So, please don’t hesitate to book up – and do please mention us at checkout! You’ll have a great time working on your writing with the inspiration and support of a group of likeminded people attending from book-ish and other brilliant independent bookshops from around the UK!