Whale Boy


 Michael Fontaine’s dreams are about to come true. He’s finally going to get his own boat, catch his own fish and have the freedom to spend his time doing what he loves best - being out on the ocean. But when a mysterious company descends on the island of Liberty, Michael’s plans are ruined.

With his ailing Grandmother admitted to hospital and his father gone, money is starting to become a real problem. The NME, led by the suspicious Spargo are claiming to bring trade and tourism to the island with focus on its marine wildlife, but whales haven’t been spotted near Liberty for years. So when Spargo offers Michael his own boat and paid work watching the water for signs of whales it seems too good to be true – but why does the job come with the condition that he must keep it a secret from everyone he knows?

In this short novel, Nicola Davies paints a rich and vibrant picture of island life, which feels as fresh as the sea air. Michael is a gentle, caring narrator, but it is during his encounters with the whales themselves that this story feels truly magical, making readers aware of the important issues of whaling and conservation.  A wonderfully engaging and entertaining read for inquisitive young readers

She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain.
Lousia May Alcott