Out of the Pod


Over 60 easy-to-make, flavour-packed recipes which celebrate the use of legumes around the world.
The ultimate comfort food the world over, legumes (also known as pulses) can be prepared in a thousand different ways and it is their extraordinary versatility that is the underlying theme of the book. These store-cupboard staples lend themselves to a wide variety of appetizing dishes from soups, stews, dips, fritters, pancakes, fritters, pies and even to cakes and desserts.
Pulses all start life in a pod, from the tiniest lentil to the fattest Greek butter bean. Packed full of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, they provide satisfying and tasty meals that tick all of the nutritional boxes at little cost.
Taking inspiration from culinary traditions all over the world, Vicky Jones has brought together a collection of her favourite recipes. Unusual but never daunting, over half of them are vegetarian while the rest make creative use of modest amounts of fish, poultry or meat.
Vicky Jones was formerly the wine and food editor of ‘House & Garden’ magazine and travelled extensively collecting recipes and cooking techniques, as well as absorbing the food culture of many different countries. She has written a number of articles in national newspapers and wrote ‘Dordogne Gastronomique’ for Octopus Publishing in 1994. Vicky lives in Abergavenny, Wales and this her first book for RPS.
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Just scanning the titles of some of the superb soups is enough to get the taste buds tingling, from spicy Moroccan Harira, to Cuban Black Bean Soup with Red Pepper, to Armenian Lentil Soup with Apricots. Srumptious Street Food includes Sicilian Chickpea Fritters and Red Bean Pies from Georgia, as well as Shallot and Banana Bhajis and Korean Mung Bean Pancakes with Pork.
Stunning salads include Peruvian Quinoa and Butter Beans with Avocado, and Puy Lentils with Roasted Beetroot and Balsamic Dressing. Classic main-course dishes such as Cassoulet are found alongside exotic Persian Lamb Casserole with Barberries, while vegetarian main courses include old favourites with a twist, including Lentil Moussaka and Red Beans à la Bourguignonne. Side dishes and dips pack a sensational flavour punch – Keralan Black-eyed Beans and Squash in Coconut Milk is a good example – and finally, desserts will delight and surprise with irresistible creations, such as Black Bean Brownies and Hungarian Bean Torta with Walnuts and Lemon.
Complete with fascinating information on the history and botany of pulses, advice on buying, storing, soaking and cooking them and a summary of their nutritional benefits, this is a go-to cookbook for anyone who appreciates

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