Welsh Learners

Cwrs Mynediad - Course Book (S.Wales Version)


WJEC have published a series of resources in Welsh for adults classes, from Entry (beginners) level to Intermediate level. The main aim of these resources is to help people to learn to speak Welsh. 

Cwrs Mynediad is the first part of a three level course that will help you to speak and understand Welsh.

Practice packs and CDs are also available. 

Street Welsh


Presents an illustrated introduction to learn the basics of the Welsh language.

Welsh is Fun


This introduction to spoken Welsh for adults features 17 cartoon-lessons, with exercises, grammar and vocabulary., 

Cwrs Sylfaen - Course Book (S. Wales Version)


Cwrs Sylfaen is the second in series of three course books that will help you speak and understand Welsh.

Cwrs Canolradd - Course Book (S. Wales version)


Cwrs Canolradd is the third in series of three course books that will help you speak and understand Welsh.

Welsh For Beginners


This lively and entertaining book and CD pack is the perfect resource for complete beginners and for intermediates wanting to improve their Welsh.

The book, with its humorous illustrations, teaches everyday words and phrases, as well as important grammar concepts.

Each track on the accompanying CD follows a double-page spread in the book, so children can listen to the phrases as they read, improving pronunciation at the same time. There are also puzzles and exercises to help reinforce the new language learnt.

Speak Welsh: An Introduction to the Welsh Language


This is an introduction to the Welsh language. The book combines an account of basic grammar, with useful phrases and a 1600-word English-to-Welsh dictionary section. 

Live Welsh


Live Welsh is the first Welsh teaching course to cover real spoken Welsh as it is used daily.

Learners will love this book because they will learn actual spoken Welsh, learn it fast - and also sound less like learners!

Each lesson contains a real conversation and presents new words and sentence forms. There is a large vocabulary at the back, and pronunciation guides and a basic phrasebook at the front. 

The Welsh Learner's Dictionary


At last, a full, no-gimmick dictionary with 20,000 words and phrases. It has what learners of Welsh really need: plenty of examples of words and phrases in context, with a guide to pronunciation.

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