In search of Owain Glyndwr


Owain Glyndwr was born of noble ancestry and his uprising began at Glyndyfrydwy, North Wales, in 1400, with his followers proclaiming him Prince of Wales. Four years later, after fighting many battles, he was at the height of his campaign and in control of the greater part of Wales.

Undoubtedly, he was a man ahead of his time with a political vision of a free Wales, with an independent senate, and with universities in the south and north to train Welshmen to the service of Wales, a Welsh Church independent of England, and himself as the ruling prince. But success was followed by a series of defeats and by 1410 Owain had become a hunted outlaw, who disappeared into the mists of time to be remembered as a Welsh patriot whose exploits were comparable to those of the mighty Arthur.

This intriguing book is richly illustrated in full colour and the author’s trail of discovery culminates in the age old quest to solve the mystery of Owain Glyndwr’s last resting place.

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Helen Exley