Hando's Gwent


This delightful book was originally published in 1987 to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Fred Hando, who was an artist / historian with a personal mission to explore and record the history, legends, architecture and scenery of a land that he loved passionately. It was a lifetime’s work which gave his readers considerable pleasure.

The result is a fascinating book providing a series of journeys which may be followed by the reader through this ancient kingdom. It gives a picture of sleepy hamlets with oil lamps flickering in cottage windows and historic inns frequented by local farmers and country characters, all with fascinating stories to relate. Fred Hando was able to capture the spirit of those times and he recorded his findings and sketched everything that caught his eye with dedication and infectious enthusiasm.

This profusely illustrated book provides an opportunity for a new generation to appreciate and enjoy the remarkable record compiled by this Man of Gwent, and for Hando followers of yesteryear to bathe once again in nostalgic memories of an era when life seemed less complicated.

Blorenge Books, 2000.

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Elizabeth Hardwick