Exploring Kilvert Country


In the 1870s the Reverend Francis Kilvert compiled a diary in which he recorded a detailed picture of country life in the mid-Victorian times.  Following its publication in three volumes (1938-40) the area centred on Clyro in Radnorshire has become firmly established as Kilvert Country.

Numerous books have been written about Francis Kilvert and his Diary, yet surprisingly this is the first guidebook to be written about this place of literary pilgrimage.

The journeys and walks described in this book will take you on a series of pilgrimages in the footsteps of Francis Kilvert, exploring the remote countryside to the north of Clyro, the mysterious Black Mountains and the beautiful Wye Valley.

You will find reading the book to be a magical experience; the extraordinary beauty of the landscape, with its quiet hamlets and simple little churches, is very special, having changed very little since Kilvert’s time. Chris Barber is a skilled photographer and this book, richly illustrated in full colour, provides a fascinating introduction to Kilvert Country.

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