At any one time, there are more than 2,000 books in Book-ish, subdivided by category and including a large selection of highly collectable copies signed in ink by the author.

Anything we don’t have on the shelves we can order for you.

You can come and browse, there are places to sit and read while your children play.

We also stock unusual gifts, including a lovely range of Penguin-based gifts, stationery and reading aids.

There are children’s toys, including traditional wooden games, jigsaws and puzzles, educational play sets, science kits and puppets.

We sell greetings cards, notecards and wrapping paper.

You can buy National book tokens & Book-ish gift vouchers in denominations of £5, £10 and £20.


book club

Book Club

We have a lovely book club that meets at Bookish on the 1st Monday of Each month for book discussion, cheese & wine.

This month’s book is:

July 2017 – The Submission by Amy Waldman

A jury gathers in Manhattan to select a memorial for the victims of a devastating terrorist attack. Their fraught deliberations complete, the jurors open the envelope containing the anonymous winner’s name – and discover he is an American Muslim. Instantly they are cast into roiling debate about the claims of grief, the ambiguities of art, and the meaning of Islam. 

For local Book Groups we offer a 10% discount when 5 or more copies of the same book are purchased.


Signed Books

A Signed Edition makes a book a little more special, creating a connection between author and reader. Signed books are collectible and they can make an extra special gift. And we have a large selection of signed ones!

All signatures are hand signed by the author in ink. Books are either signed for us at one of our author events or with the respective publisher.

Demand for some titles can be high. All orders are processed in order in which they are received.


Gift Vouchers

Bookish Gift Vouchers make an excellent present for the book lover in your life and can be purchased in denominations of £5, £10 and £20

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