Chris Barber

Chris Barber is a well known author in Wales with thirty books published to date.  His knowledge of the myths, legends and history of the area is unparalled.

40 Classic Walks in the Brecon Beacons National Park


This new version of Chris Barber’s very popular guidebook is richly illustrated in full colour and contains seven additional routes.

Abergavenny - Historic Market Town


This is the first publication to give a really detailed history of Abergavenny, 'The Gateway to Wales'. Chris Barber spent 30 years researching and writing this fascinating 'living history'. The book is richly illustrated with pictures from past and present. It is the most comprehensive history of Abergavenny that has ever been published.

2010, £20.00

Eastern Valley – The story of Torfaen


During the last two hundred years the Eastern Valley of Torfaen has seen remarkable changes and the story of its industrial and social history is now told for the first time in a single volume by the well known author Chris Barber.

Exploring Kilvert Country


In the 1870s the Reverend Francis Kilvert compiled a diary in which he recorded a detailed picture of country life in the mid-Victorian times.  Following its publication in three volumes (1938-40) the area centred on Clyro in Radnorshire has become firmly established as Kilvert Country.

Hando's Gwent


This delightful book was originally published in 1987 to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Fred Hando, who was an artist / historian with a personal mission to explore and record the history, legends, architecture and scenery of a land that he loved passionately. It was a lifetime’s work which gave his readers considerable pleasure.

In search of Owain Glyndwr


Owain Glyndwr was born of noble ancestry and his uprising began at Glyndyfrydwy, North Wales, in 1400, with his followers proclaiming him Prince of Wales. Four years later, after fighting many battles, he was at the height of his campaign and in control of the greater part of Wales.

Llanover Country


Llanover Country is an area in the Usk Valley which will always be associated with the fascinating story of Benjamin and Augusta Hall, better known as Lord and Lady Llanover.

Mysterious Wales


The mysterious land of Wales is a treasure trove of beautiful and magical places.  This little known book describes the myriad megaliths, ancient crosses, holy wells, magic trees, caves and sunken cities to be found in Wales, and discusses Welsh folklore concerning King Arthur, the devil, fairies, and even mermaids.

The author is knowledgable and adventurous, flagging up facts that you may never have heard before - a tremendously interesting and informative read.

Sacred Springs


Venerated by our pagan ancestors, sanctified by Dark Age holy men and exploited by Victorian hypochondriacs, the natural springs and wells of Wales have been an important facet of country life and folklore for centuries.

The Beacons Way


By Chris Barber, Arwel Michael & John Sansom

The Beacons Way is a 95 mile trail through the Brecon Beacons National Park, which takes eight days to complete as one journey, or can be broken up into a series of enjoyable linear walks.  This book is an invaluable travel companion and a cracking good read for countryside lovers.


The Clydach George


by John Van Laun

The Clydach Gorge, between Gilwern and Brynmawr, provides a clear illustration of the way in which economic and social factors produce continuous change in the landscape. In fact the Gorge retains surprising beauty despite its history: a lovely beechwood remnant on the south side is now protected as a National Nature Reserve, and high moorlands stretch away on the skyline in every direction.

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