Catherine Barr

With her first picture book, The Story of Life, Catherine hopes to spark interest amongst children around the story of evolution.

Co-written with local science teacher Steve Williams and consultant, Brian Rosen from the Natural History Museum, the book was inspired by her inability to find such a book for her own children. She is now working on The Story of Space with space scientist Professor Monica Grady.

Her second book, a fiction story about the Arctic will be published in October. It is supported by Greenpeace, with whom she worked for many years, campaigning for endangered species. She was subsequently editor at the Natural History Museum in London where she wrote popular summer exhibitions Dinosaurs of the Gobi Desert and Myths and Monsters.

She lives near Hay-on-Wye, where she and her partner run communications company bwa design. She has two daughters and is dreaming up all kinds of books on big issues for little people. 

The Story of Life


The Story of Life tells the amazing story of evolution for primary aged children with vibrant illustrations. Supported by the Natural History Museum in London, the book sets out to inspire questions over the kitchen table and conversations in classrooms.

The authors have also produced a free pdf Supporting information for Teachers and Parents with links to online animations and references.

‘To read a book for the first time is to make an acquaintance with a new friend; to read it for a second time is to meet an old one’
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