Caroline Downey

Award winning artist who works from her hillside home in the Black Mountains.

Caroline Downey is an award-winning artist who blends her words and pictures to create a magical atmosphere that draws you into the pages of her storybooks. Her wish is to capture an escape into nostalgic and simple rustic living fused with a flicker of fantasy. Working at her hillside home, where she has a gallery in the Black Mountains of Wales, she was inspired to start writing after customers commented that her bright and rhythmic paintings would make charming pictures for children’s books.

The Proper Dragon tells the tales in his own quirky way and considers himself to be the keeper of the Black Mountains while watching over his lovely place.
Caroline has recently completed the fifth and final story of Series One.

Proper Dragon Tales are suitable for children with a reading age of 8 plus and of course for adults, and the work is especially enjoyed when read aloud to any age group.

All books are signed by Caroline Downey.

Muds and Floods


Based on the flooding of September 2008. Caroline was inspired to include the events of her experience of the bad storms in ths book.

Secret of the Standing Stones


The stones secret is revealed to Gwillim the greedy Billy Goat who suffers the consequences of eating a scrap too many with scarecrow and canvas tent seemingly his preferred feast.

Shadows in the Fforest


Carolines second book follows the capers of Larry long-legs the naughty lurcher dog disrupting the peacefulness of the valley.

The Black Mountain Sheep


An enchanting story of strange happenings after the sheep were removed from the mountainside at the time of the foot and mouth crisis.

The Forgotten Farm


The Forgotten Farm is the fifth story of the Proper Dragon Tales and completes Series One. A dragon, who watches over the area, tells the enchanting tale of a family that inherit a farm in the valley.

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