Antony Woodward

Antony Woodward's first book, the bestselling flying memoir Propellerhead, published in 2001, was described by Pilot magazine in May 2011 as 'one of the best books about flying ever written'.

His most recent book, The Garden in the Clouds, Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic, about his obsession with making a garden on top of a Welsh mountain, was picked as Book of the Year 2010 by The Times and The Spectator and was a winner of the National Trust-Hay Festival Outdoors Books of the Year 2011.



Antony Woodward was never remotely interested in flying. And you don't have to be either to enjoy Woodward's book Propellerhead which tells the story of the author's hilarious and foolhardy attempts to learn to fly a microlight.

The Garden In The Clouds


The story of one man’s unlikely quest to create out of a mountainous Welsh landscape a garden fit for inclusion in the prestigious Yellow Book – the ‘Gardens of England and Wales Open for Charity’ guide – in just one year.

The Wrong Kind of Snow


It's the great British obsession and not surprisingly: no other country in the world has such unpredictable weather, with such power to rule people's lives as we have. The Wrong Kind of Snow is the complete daily companion to this British phenomenon. From the Spanish Armada to the invention of the windscreen wiper, each of the 365 entries beautifully illustrates a day in the weird and wonderful history of the British and their weather.

‘The greatest gift is a passion for reading’
Elizabeth Hardwick